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Moments of Wholeness

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Moments of Wholeness

18” w x 26” h

Grayscale Series
Acrylic on wood board
Price for Original: $800
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About the painting

Anaïs Nin wrote:”I will always be the virgin-prostitute, the perverse angel, the two-faced sinister and saintly woman.”

I asked a few of my gal friends what they see in my painting and between us this is the explanation, you gotta love sisterhood!

What do YOU see?
“I wanted to represent the complexity and mystery of women. We are often critical of ourselves inwardly and many of us are insecure, yet we put up a good front. We can be hesitant on which persona we are ready to share outwardly.

At the end of the day, we are lovely and alluring in our own way. A woman who embraces her sexuality can find a source of strength that carries through to the rest of her life.

The title of my painting “Moments of Wholeness”, was inspired by the quote “Passion gives us moments of wholeness” from The Diary of Anaïs Nin.