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12” w x 9” h

Grayscale Series
Acrylic on gessoed board
Price for Original: $300 [SOLD]

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About the painting

My art represents the very heart of who I am. After my father passed away I found it difficult to work with bright colors. I was just too sad. Embrujada was my first gray painting.

It was extremely important to me to get back to painting I missed it however, because of my sadness I needed some inspiration. Its essential (for me) to have a connection with my subject matter so I looked at a lot of photos of friends and family.

I was captivated with the look of my friend Danielle, the photograph spoke to me and I HAD to make it my own.

I titled the painting, Haunted translated in spanish to Embrujada. In spanish it has several meanings but, I chose it to mean a bit tormented, numb. Because that was the way I was feeling.

Danielle is a happy, beautiful woman and in NO way am I saying she was feeling that. In the photo she was with friends and it was obvious they were having fun. But I saw something in her expression that spoke to me.

I chose to make her pupil an amber color to imply hope and healing.