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Cultura Nuestra

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Cultura Nuestra

(Taina de Puerto Rico)
30″ w x 40″ h

Acrylic on canvas
Price for Original: $2,300
Contact me for info about originals

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About the painting

When Cristóforo Colombo reached Puerto Rico on his second voyage to the New World it was inhabited by the Taíno Indians. The Taínos were friendly and peaceful Indians who were farmers and fishermen. They called their island paradise Borikén.

Taínos spoke Arawakan. According to Cristóbal Colombo the Taíno tongue was “gentle, the sweetest in the world, always with a laugh”.

He also described the Taínos as a physically tall, well proportioned people, with a noble and kind personality.

Sadly, it didn’t end well for the peaceful Taínos. The Taino became nearly extinct as a culture following settlement by Spanish colonists, primarily due to infectious diseases for which they had no immunity.

Note that the painting background incorporates Taíno symbols.